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Wow I like the art - I think

I will order a print !!

His Story By Beau Breems 
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One of the students in my youth group wrote a book that is the Gospel from creation to resurrection in 40+ pages, with excellent artwork (he hand drew)

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 So we start a ministry called Burning Bush Creation that will develop resources for the Urban Community that will be culturally sensitive. We have published this book with the help of friends that have purchased limited editions. This is the ministries first product.

We need additional help getting it promoted. Do you know someone that should see this book?

You can now put in a order or make a donation to help us raise the money to get this distributed at


We have produced a limited edition copy of the book (Only 100 copies) with original art and a custom drawing in each book.  

If your first words were WOW you may want one. 

We have just a few of His Story left and some limited edition of The Promise also, they are for individuals that make a donation of $200.00 or more.  It will include the original ink art plus the finished book and one customized hand drawn page. It will also be personally signed. Each book will be a 1 of 1

Ron McConico

A Big Thank You...

Hello Ron,
I just wanted to let you know that Beau Breems' book, HisStory, has really had an encouraging impact on the youth of our church. We developed an evangelistic project with HisStory as the focus. The children (ages 7-12) first had to go through the book during our Sunday youth church class, chapter by chapter. They had many questions and were thrilled that the book was written and illustrated by a young man.  
The children decided what format the evangelism would take. They chose to have a game and dinner night, where each chapter of HisStory would be presented in their own way. They were very enthusiastic about creating the flyers to invite friends, family and the surrounding neighborhood. We passed out flyers and had many days to fellowship (Saturdays and Sundays after church) while preparing to implement the project.  
When the big day came, the children did a wonderful job. I was really proud of their performances. We sold all of the 30 books we purchased, plus a few more.  Part of the excitement was that the child who the sold the most books would receive a reward, but the children were able to sell the book because it meant something to them. They understood and were touched by it. Because of this, it was easy to tell others about the book and what it meant to them.   We closed the project with a reward and recognition dinner for the children. They received a certificate and gift for their dedication to the project and willingness to obey Jesus' command to spread the gospel. We are now preparing for our Christmas program which will also have a HisStory focus. Keep us in your prayers.
On March the 11th, the Urban Youth Workers Institute will present RELOAD, a one day training experience, in Detroit. Our pastor, Jimmie D. Compton, would like to have the teens get involved with HisStroy by sponsoring a table to sell the book at the work shop, but only if your team will not be attending. Please let me know if this is something that we could pursue.
Thank you for bring a new kind of excitement to our youth church.
Carolyn Drew

HBF Youth Church Director


Book Review From
         Pastor Efrem Smith
"This book has been needed within the urban church community for a long time! As a pastor of a multicultural church in the heart of the city, this book speaks to the diversity within our children's ministry. Because we live in an ever-increasing multi-ethnic and multicultural society, this book is a must for churches everywhere."
Efrem Smith, MA
Senior Pastor,
The Sanctuary Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Book Review From
         - Noel Castellanos, Dir. CCDA

“When you combine the revolutionary message of the Gospel with the creative, artistic passion of urban young people communicating His Story in vivid color, you have something good!  I highly recommend the ministry of Burning Bush Creation and their work to empower urban leaders as a great example of how CCDA ministries can participate in God’s Kingdom enterprise.”

- Noel Castellanos, Director CCDA Institute  

Story by Michaelanne Harriman

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to share a story with you about how Burning Bush Creation is making an impact. 

My housemate and I were shocked at the lack of knowledge of the stories from the Bible among the kids that live on our block.  We want to start a Bible club soon.  As I was talking w/ my friend Akeem about starting the club (he’s 13), he said “I have a book that talks about God.”  He had come to our community Christmas party on Dec. 1st where Ryan had passed out copies of "HIS STORY" to the kids from our neighborhood.  I told him that if he ever wanted to read it together to let me know.  “How about now?” he asked.  For the next hour, we took turns reading the pages.  He doesn’t read well so it was nice to be able to take time w/ him to work on the words.  He also told me that he was on page 22 but he wanted to start all over with me.  He obviously had read the beginning b/c he was quick to tell me what was going to happen as we paged through the book.  When we got to the page where the beautiful illustration depicts God forming Adam out of the dust of the earth and breathing the breath of life into his nostrils, Akeem said, “Oh!  I’m going to read this page really fast because I’ve already read it a lot of times.”  I knew that it was that illustration that drew him in to that page.  On every page, he asked question after question.  “So, if people do something bad it’s b/c Satan told them to?  If God created everything, who created God?  Is Satan a man?  Where is Satan?  What is Hell?”  And so on.  He had to run home just as we got to Christ’s birth, but we’ll read again, I’m sure.

I thought so much about the scripture from John 4:37 “Thus the saying 'One sows and another reaps' is true. 38I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor."

I know the time and care that it takes to make such beautiful publications.  I just wanted to share with you what the Lord is doing with the labors of your company.  Keep it up!

Michaelanne Harriman

Community Arts Director

From : Kudzai mucheri
Date: 27 Jan 2008

My name is Kudzai Mucheri.I  learn at Lendy Park school in Marondera, Zimbabwe, Africa. The book HIS STORY is wonderful. I did not know anything about Jesus and was not a believer but this book brought me closer to Jesus. We read it in class with our teacher. A lot of people were touched by this book. Because it talks about creation, the fall, temptation, baptism, Jesus' death and resurrection and also has teachings from the BIBLE, it really showed us that JESUS was and is the son of GOD the Messiah the savior and the redeemer. In revelations it says that JESUS is coming soon, and very soon. This book is WONDERFUL and has opened my new world.

A little bit about Kudzai Mucheri

Hello Ron

Please find as follows information about myself as per your request. I'm 11 years old and turning 12 on the 16th of April. I am in grade 7 at Lendy Park School. I am the eldest sister in a family of 3. My brother is 8 years old and he is in grade 3 at Ruzawi School and my young sister is 3 years old.

During my spare time cooking is my favourite thing to do. I also like reading books. I also write stories.

My photos will follow soon.

Best regards
Kudzai Mucheri
Harare Zimbabwe





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